Deliver our work always taking in account that what matters most to our clients is what matters most to us.


Continuous Improvement​

We work to excel the communication among our staff members, management workers, partners and clients, sharing our clients’ feedbacks and carefully considering improvement suggestions brought to discussion,in order to constantly improve the quality of our services.

Health and Safety​

Our staff is often trained to safely do all the work, by following procedures to avoid accidents/sickness and by using the most suitable cleaning supplies and equipment to deliver the best result, aiming to preferably use eco friendly and pet friendly cleaning products and devices to keep the health of our workers and clients.

Significant Relationships​

Our operational and administrative teams work in a task force persistently connected to our clients to provide the best work, respecting their needs for personalized services, meeting their expectation over schedules and results.

Our team of innovative housekeepers understand your need to maintain your house